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Our management team consists of highly successful and experienced executives with backgrounds in call centers, corporate branding, customer service and sales ranging from small businesses to fortune 50 companies with the primary goal of providing preeminent service and value to our clients. Our East and West coast management teams are available 7 days a week.

Why Cyber City

Allowing CyberCity to handle your in/outbound call responsibility will allow your company to not only experience a significant cost savings but free up your valuable in-house employees to improve their productivity, pursue important corporate strategies and increase profitability.

Improve your Bottom Line
We're a strategic revenue partner
Value Proposition
The cost of an internal employee can vary anywhere between 1.25-1.75 times hourly pay depending on location..Read More
Employee biometrics are needed to enter our facilities. There are cameras in all common spaces every 20 feet... Read More
Quality Assurance
Your in-house management will help insure we meet your highest expected service by providing you access to active calls...Read More
We significantly impact your bottom line. We improve your bottom line. & Revenue We drive revenue ...Read More
Scalable to you needs
Afraid To Let Go? 

If you are considering using a cost-effective external solution to your business needs but moving forward seems too big a risk to take, let us help!

Many times, we can offer a pilot program where we will begin the assigned tasks to demonstrate our capabilities with a small team before full implementation.  This “test drive” can go a long way to shore up any reservations you may have and prove the viability and success we can provide while not exposing your firm to unnecessary financial risks.

Dynamic and Scalable Solutions

We provide collection services for secured and unsecured debt.  We can provide medical and legal staff when required. 

Our agents can enhance your customer’s experience by initiating friendly and concise interactions with your clients. 

We can initiate cold calls, set appointments, transfer live, prequalified leads, close sales and process payments. 

Whether you are conducting surveys, rolling out new medical coverage that needs to be announced, or following up on queries, CyberCity has a cost-effective solution for you. 
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First Contact
System Product Knowledge
Training Development
Campaign Launch

We initiate a friendly and engaging conversation with your prospects or customers. We guide them to achieve your goal, whether it’s scheduling an appointment, closing a sale, collecting information, or anything else. 

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